Thursday, 29 September 2011


Hello ,, im new here i juz open this blog yesterday nite... but sadly the line  a bit slow   so sedih la.....
emmm firstly about myself
Saya  Wong Jaejun  Chew, 18 , from singapore, currently stay in Johor Baru in Gelang Patah Area,,,U can call me Jae~^^
well nothing interesting about me...tapi juz one,, saya ada minat fr Gardening ,,,
so  saya try open this Blog fr first time & wanna shared with pople tht have a same interest^^

saya boleh speak & write malay,tapi kalau ada bit wrong word,,,sorry k~^^haha
so my topic in this blong mostly about Plants care /info/species, & photo tu wajib la, tpi saya masih dalam proses BELAJAR ,haha so sila beri tunjuk ajar k~^^

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