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Fantail Pigeon

Fantail Pigeon Care

The beautiful fantail pigeon basically has an Indian origin and is popularly known as the broad tail shaker species. Having a slender neck, small head and a beautiful fan shaped tail, this small bodied pigeon looks absolutely stunning. It has a high uprightly carried chest. Commonly one see this pigeon in white color but other colors such as dun, black, silver, yellow, blue, r
ed, saddle and checkers are also witnessed at times. When it comes to beautiful pigeon species, we can surely mention the name of fantail pigeon on top. Although a fancy pigeon, it is not very difficult to take care of this pigeon. Let us have a glance at various things one should keep in mind so that this pigeon lives a long life as your pet.

Basic feeding habits of fantail pigeons

One needs to take that the fantail pigeon is supplied with fresh chemical free water at least twice a day. The water tends to get mucky easily. A healthy diet for this pigeon includes quality pigeon mix from a reputed store. Grains when mixed with the pigeon mix work wonders in their diet. Only thing that shall be ensured when mixing grains in the pigeon mix is that the bugs should not have infested the thing. Ideal grains for mixing include millet, Milo, safflower, barley, wheat, unpopped pop-corn, whole corn, green and white peas, vetch, buckwheat, etc. One can also order the pigeon mix online.

Quality supply of grit and supplements for fantail pigeons is a must

Before going to a pigeon store one must learn to differentiate between gravel and grits. When one is through with the lessons one can head towards a reputed pigeon store and ask for grits that are meant to aid the digestive system of pigeons. Its top example includes Red Cross grit which is a rich calcium source consisting of oyster shells in crushed form. A pigeon about to lay eggs can also be provided with supplies of cuttlebones as well. When fantail pigeons are kept as pets, vitamin supplements become their necessity as they are never exposed to direct sunlight which invigorates the production of vitamin D3 in them. One can anytime opt for a great avian supplement which is a good source of vitamin D3 for them.

Fantail Pigeons love to feast on snacks, veggies and fruits

Snacks that pigeons love to feast on are un-roasted and unsalted peanuts, raw sesame seeds, sunflower hearts, safflower and hemp, etc. Veggies that fantails love to nibble are garlic greens, lettuce, grated carrots, kale, thawed peas and spinach leaves. They are also fond of munching on sprouts and certain fruits which include papaya and other enzyme rich fruits.

Taking care of housing and bathing of fantails

Remember, comfy housing of the fantail pigeons as a pet is must. They should be introduced to very spacious and flat perches so that at any point of time stretch their wings and still there shall be enough space for them to move about. Moreover, the perches must be cleaned on regular basis so that the pet keeps healthy. It would be a great option to just set them free in an empty room once in a while. Giving fantail pigeon a bath can be real fun as they love to plunge and splash in water. One can give the pigeon a bath probably two times a week. In winters it should be restricted to one.

If one is careful about the given things while taming a fantail pigeon, I am sure one can spend numerous happy years with the pet. So, all set to have a happy and fun filled life with your fantail pet. 

American Fantail pigeon

English Fantail Pigeon

Indian Fantail 1

Indian Fantail 2

Indian Fantail 3

Indian Fantail 4

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