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Savanna Cats Care

information about Savannah Cats

Bengal breeder Judee Frank managed to crossbreed a Serval and domestic cat, producing the first Savannah (named Savannah) on April 7, 1986. 
In 1996, Patrick Kelly and Joyce Sroufe wrote the original version of the Savannah breed standard, and presented it to the TICA board. However, in that same year, TICA had placed a moratorium on new breeds.   It was not until 2000, that the standard, with input from other breeders, was accepted by TICA in a narrow 7-to-6 vote. At that same time, the Savannah International Member & Breeder Association (SIMBA) was formed, and reported just over 100 registered savannahs.   As of 2001, the population of Savannahs was estimated to be over 200
Savannahs are considered one of the larger breeds of domesticated cats.   Their tall and slim build gives Savannahs the appearance of greater size than their actual weight due to the stronger genetic influence of the African Serval ancestor.
Male Savannahs tend to be larger than females. Early generation Savannahs may weigh 10 to 35 lbs. Size is also very dependent on generation and sex, with F1 male cats usually being the largest. Later generation Savannahs are usually between 8-17 lbs.
Because of the random factors in Savannah hybrid genetics, there can be significant variation in size, even in one litter. Some breeders report Savannahs in excess of 35 pounds, with at least one breeder claiming an over 40 pound male.
View the TICA Savannah Cat Standard by clicking below.  (PDF)
Why are Savannahs so expensive?

Savannah cat and kittens are hard to come by, and many people want them.  The Savannah cat is a newer breed and there are a limited number of catteries  (MD Savannah cats is registered with the TICA as MDC Cattery).
Most importantly the Savannah cat is an offspring of a domestic cat and a wild African Serval.  Sometimes a Bengal is used which is part Asian Leopard ( some people call the resulting kittens Ashera cats as they have Serval, Asian Leopard, and Domestic cat in their genetics.  But rest assured, an Ashera cat is in reality a Savannah cat, don't get scammed by the guys selling an F1 Savannah cat for 20,000.  We will get you one for a fraction of that.

Also, You don't know if your Serval will or can mate with your chosen female. When they breed, the gestation (days of pregnancy) time for a Serval and a domestic cat is about 10 days different. If the babies are born too early only one may survive out of a small litter.

Prices of Savannah cats can vary. This is because breeders sometimes sell cats that may have a minor flaw.  This could include incorrect eye color, a slight kink in the tail or something else that makes it less than perfect to breed from and show, but doesn't have any effect on the cat's health or personality.   So, if you are buying a pedigree cat just as a pet and you don't plan to show or breed from it, a pet quality cat will be ideal. These are less expensive than show and breeding quality cats.

Generally, breeding cats are the most expensive to buy.

Isn't a Hybrid cat Illegal?

The F1 Savannah cat is legal in almost all states and requires no special permits.   Savannahs from F1 on down are legal in most states as a pet cat or kitten and no permit is needed.

Servals are restricted. Although in most states people can have servals as pets but you need to check locally if a permit is required. I do know of some counties within states that have restrictive laws and yearly requirements.
Kitty F1 Savannah Cat

Savannah Cat Care

Savannah cats require not much more care than a domestic cat
Quarantine Period
We recommend a quarantine period for your new Savannah Cat.  Traveling to a new home is very stressful on animals and is very hard on young kittens. 
We recommend that you keep the kitten in a small room or area and give the kitten a chance to bond with you, before letting them interact with other animals in your household.
Your new kitten will be examined by our Vet before they leave our facility, but you will need to visit your vet and have your kitten inspected  on arrival.  Travel is stressful for your new kitten so an initial arrival vet visit is recommended.
Veterinary Care
When your kitten arrives from MDC Cattery, they will be fully immunized and have a micro-chip for your kittens protection.
You must still have your cat receive annual routine Veterinary care and vaccinations.
Its VERY IMPORTANT that your savannah only received KILLED VIRUS vaccines.  using live vaccines can kill your Savannah Cat!
Also, instruct your Vet to NEVER administer a preoperative cocktail or Ketamine to your Savannah Cat.  These are fatal to Savannah Cats.
MD Savannah Cats recommends ZuPreem® Feline Diet for your Savannahs

Litter Box

Your Savannah Cat has been litter box trained at MDC Cattery.    We recommend that you keep a litter box close to your new kitten, by keeping them isolated to the part of the house that the litter box is in, or adding an additional litter box while your cat becomes accustomed to finding it on their own


We recommend feeding your new ZuPreem® Feline Diet 3 times a day up to 6 months of age, then twice a day as your kitten matures , Feed only what they consume in 15 min or so.  This product is designed for Servals and other wild cats.

 You can purchase ZuPreem® locally or from our website

 ZuPreem® has all the necessary nutrition for your Savannah, no other supplements are necessary when using this product.  We also like to leave a high quality cat chow available at all times.

 You can also feed your Savannah cat raw poultry and very lean ground sirloin along with a high quality kitten food and caned cat food 3 times a day up to 6 months of age, then twice a day as your kitten matures, but we recommend ZuPreem® for the health of your Savannah Cat.

Savannah proof your house

Savannah's are chewers and can tear up wires quickly! 
Discourage your Savannah from playing with wires, should they develop a liking to the wires in your home, we have found that bitter apple spray works quite well and is available at your local pet store.
We suggest buying your cat small dog toys to play with.  as they get older they are very tough on toys and regular cat toys do not hold up .
Play with your kitten often as it strengthens the bond with you and your Savannah.  Savannahs are very loyal like dogs and once you bond with them, they are yours for life!


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